November 30, 2017

Contributor Limelight: Lizz Corrigan

Lizz Corrigan joined SLUG in November 2013 and soon became one of the magazine’s most prolific and dependable music reviewers. She quickly paired her love for writing with her talent for appreciating, grasping and reviewing Utah-local albums. Her writing has flourished in scope and style: Through a grounded and approachable lens, Corrigan confidently tells the stories of our Localized musicians, Utah artisans like Reo Stika of the Great Salt Lake Guitar Co. and local legends like John Bolton, founder of the Salt Lake Roasting Company. In this issue, Corrigan continues to showcase such remarkable individuals with her engaging profile on a key player of Utah’s literary scene, Michael McLane (pg. 18). While Corrigan lauds SLUG as a community contributor and liaison, we’re thrilled to honor Lizz’s work as a powerful part of that effort!