A Special Ed teacher during the off-season, Michelle Stark is one of the superhumans who spends most of her summer working hard as a volunteer for Craft Lake City. Stark has been coordinating all of the crafters for the alternative arts fest as the artist manager since 2010. A hobby artist herself, Stark finds inspiration in the skills and creativity of the artists she works with, which is why she loves her Craft Lake City appointment. Though she’s not a current SLUG staff member, Stark wrote a couple of Serial Killer of the Month columns back in the day, which she says gave her frightmares. This woman-of-all-trades is also an avid cyclist, hiker, baker and can occasionally be found singing along to promo CDs at the SLUG HQ. Come out to Craft Lake City on Aug. 13 at Gallivan to see this bitchin’ babe in action.