If you’ve popped in the SLUG office lately you may have noticed a new, moustachioed face around—none other than the visage of Nate Abbott, whom you may have previously recognized as the store manager of the Sandy Graywhale before he made the move to be a Community Development Executive with SLUG Mag. Along with his fun and endearing sense of humor, Nate has a refined taste in music, à la bands like Deafheaven, Black Marble, Sigur Rós and his fave, Joy Division, and so we’ve been spoiled with his great in-office music picks paired with ours. Nate gets the team smiling with en masse calls and responses to Master P’s “Make ’Em Say Uhh,” and when one of us is feeling down, he’ll go out of his way to turn a frown upside down with a Koka Moka Probar. Out in the field, you can catch Nate rendezvousing with local businesspeople, rousing up positive interaction within our burgeoning community to keep it growing. In his off time, Nate will probably be playing PS3 or watching Back to the Future, but if you see him about, buy this friendly dude a beer!