Robin Sessions joined the SLUG family as a photographer back in January of 2013 and has quickly worked her way up. Robin was SLUG’s official photographer for the 2013 Twilight Concert Series, and has shot many events for us around town. Robin became one of our faithful interns last spring and soon after that she was volunteering for events, which eventually led to her joining the Marketing Team. We quickly realized that she was here to stay and last month she became our official Marketing Coordinator/little sister. She is great at keeping us organized and it’s hard to be sad when she’s around. If we were one of those über girly magazines we would probably go on and on about how talented and pretty and amazingly sweet Robin is, but we’re fucking SLUG Mag. So instead we’ll just say, Robin, you’re pretty badass. If you happen to catch Robin out taking photos or hanging out at the SLUG Mag table, stop by and say hello. Your day will be 10 times better if you do.