SLUG's September 2020 Contributor Limelight, Talyn Behzad
September 3, 2020

Contributor Limelight: Talyn Behzad

For coming up on eight years, SLUG photographer Talyn Behzad has regaled the magazine and our readers with veritably delicious photography. Behzad quickly found his SLUG nook in food photography, a place in which he continued developing his photographic skill set. His niche therein can be found on this month’s cover (and on pgs. 16–17) as he elevates and celebrates an antojito to go with creamy dimension and rich color, or on pgs. 8–9 for his very own feature on at-home recipes for galettes—whose toasty, flaky crusts cradle mouthwatering fillings. It’s through food that Behzad chiefly experiences Utah’s beautiful diversity, and he extols SLUG’s efforts in seeking and covering the endless multicultural and otherwise ingenuous options that Utah has to offer. Behzad is SLUG family, and we’re happy to feed all his photographic cravings!