May 3, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Traci Grant

Traci Grant joined the SLUG copy editing team in August 2013. We noted Traci’s keen work with a pink pen (her trademark) as she’s whipped SLUG copy into shape since day one. Traci likes learning about SLC, its artists, events, independent businesses and subcultures through SLUG. Though she enjoys editing SLUG content in general—like local-music and food-establishment reviews—her favorite column to copy edit is Mike Brown’s. “Every copy editing session has something awesome/funny/memorable,” she says. “I get to gather with like-minded folk who love to argue comma rules and grammar structures.” She’s enjoyed attending events like our first-ever beer festival last year and volunteering for our SLUG Cat alleycat bike race (May 26). With a slew of intensive SLUG Production Day copy editing sessions under her belt to boot, we are proud of Traci’s stunning work at SLUG!