Born and bred in Utah County, Xkot Toxsik has been making a name for himself in the Salt Lake music and art scene for over 10 years. As the mastermind behind A Touch of Horror Records, Toxsik's musical projects (Godstar Experience and The Electric Pubes, among others) are as dependant on visual performance and presentation as they are musical mastery. Toxsik's art is equally unconventional, as he often works in the medium of meat and has even designed a Mormon-themed Tarot Deck. Toxsik also contributed a series of comics to SLUG in 2005, four of which are reprinted in this issue for your reading pleasure. When he's not working on his latest video art production or kidnapping SLUG writers attempting to interview him and his bandmates, Mr. Toxsik can be found creating hair masterpieces at Blitz! salon.