March 30, 2017

Contributor Limelight: Laikwan Waigwa-Stone – Copy Editor

Laikwan Waigwa-Stone has taken the red pen to paper on the SLUG copy editing team since 2013. He has helped to enrich the SLUG copy editing process with his knowledge, charisma and charm. Waigwa-Stone is an adroit reader with a sharp eye for the alchemical harmony of grammar and voice. A proud Ogdenite, he nonetheless enjoys his sojourns in Salt Lake City at the SLUG office, as it allows him to “hit the reset button” and enjoy the camaraderie and professionalism that he finds among the copy editing team. Of course, he appreciates the natural beauty that he encounters around Ogden and the bourgeoning culture therein (see pages 12 and 22 for our stories about Lavender Vinyl and Ogden Restaurant Week, respectively). Mr. Waigwa-Stone has risen in the ranks of to become a trusted, senior copy editor, and SLUG loves him and his contributions!