Parker Scott Mortensen
September 6, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Parker Scott Mortensen

Parker Scott Mortensen joined the SLUG copy editing team in 2016 and became a contributing writer in 2017. Of copy editing, they say, “I love getting to read copy while listening to music and weighing in on odd grammar questions.” In addition to meticulous copy editing talent, Mortensen radiates warm, friendly company among the team. They frequently scribe SLUG’s monthly art feature, leading readers into an experience that they sentimentally articulate with whimsy. Mortensen cites as a favorite their December 2017 art feature about installation piece Swen of the Wirble, an article that led to a sense of self-affirmation as a writer. This month, Mortensen’s skill is on display in the Andrew Rice art feature (pg. 14), where they weave us through Rice’s story in a way that is inspiring and relatable. Read on to see why we continually await the magic that Mortensen has in store for us next.