June 29, 2017

Contributor Limelight: Paul Mason

Paul Mason joined the SLUG Magazine Graphic Design Team in October of 2014. Ever since, he’s given his layouts what we like to call “the soft touch.” Mason’s work has adorned each issue since he began, and he imparts sleek and open-feeling arrangments of space on the page. His design style also evolves as he continues his work. He credits the inherent structure of layout design for pushing him to confront obstacles and to think outside of the box to find solutions. Mason enjoys engaging with SLUG’s content because of our community focus and also to discover local conversations that may be new to him. He also likes to find new local music acts through our monthly Localized coverage and showcases. Bear witness to Mason’s skill via the features on pages 14 (“NHMU”), 18 (“Pierpont”) and 30 (“Skullcandy“). SLUG values Mason’s vision to bring stories to life!