Zak Elsea
December 6, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Zak Elsea

In getting physical copies of SLUG Magazine to Anyplace Cool, SLUG distribution driver Zak Elsea straight-up hustles. Since November 2016, Elsea has done anywhere from three to five SLUG Mag routes for any given month. Having a generally “crazy schedule,” he finds ease in the flexibility of distro driving. Amid his comings and goings, he enjoys watching the transformation of SLC as different businesses flourish and undergo change, and hitting routes that take him up Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Elsea values SLUG as a community resource that informs about local events, and finds that our Localized local-band showcase and SLUG Games snowboarding/skiing contest are his favorite SLUG events. Whatever the occasion, we love having Elsea around because he is a hardworking, amiable fellow with a fun sense of humor!