Contributor Limelight: River Rose Haggerty


River Rose Haggerty has spread the word of SLUG Magazine on our Distro (Distribution) Team since the winter of 2016. She’s found a home in the Summit County route and considers the drive up Parley’s Canyon a kind of reverie because of how beautiful the area is. Along the way, she has even discovered a new favorite vintage store in Heber, one she cherishes as a hidden gem. This couples with her enthusiasm for SLUG’s community-driven content, which she feels brings people together in the realms of art, music and “unique people in our city.” On top of that, Haggerty appeciates SLUG’s penchant for event curation such as Localized, our all-locals music showcase—which her band, Diotima, opened in February 2018. With her big-picture insight on a local level, Haggerty is a distribution juggernaut, and we absolutely adore having her on the team!