December 2007 Daily Calendar

Friday, December 7
DJ Curtis Strange Jackelope
As Blood Runs Black, Walls of Jericho, The Warriors, Born of Osiris, Belay my Last, Myrzah NVO
The Wolfs Broken Record
Copperhead Alchemy
Dane & the Death Machine The Woodshed
The Legendary Porch Pounders Pat's
I Have Eyes Set to Kill, Blinded Black, Olympia Addicted
Hermione, Burning Ann Hewitt, Knights of the Apocalypse, I'll be Your Eyes, The Carriage The Manor, Verses Avalon
Captain Captain Studios Opening 825 S 500 W
Vampire Weekend, Grand Ole Party Kilby
Gentry Densley & Sri Whipple: Guitar Art Installation Red Light
25 Ta Life, 1000 Mournings, Beyond this Flesh Bar Deluxe
The Blakes, The Come Down, The Cobras Burt's
IAMA Benefit Show: The Precinct, Two Dollar Bill South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
One Punch!, Dub Life Sound System Monk's
SLC Holiday Fashion Stroll Broadway
Flogging Molly, Murder by Death, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band In the Venue
Iron and Wine Saltair
Erin Barra, Swan Juice, Shades of Gray, Synthesis Urban
Diecast, Mower, Ekotren, Hellstrum, NYC, Guttshot Vegas
DJ Matrix Tony's
Black Chandelier Fashion Show Union Pacific Grand Hall

Saturday, December 8
Community for a Cause: Vile Blue Shades, Accidente, Eagle Twin, Azon In the Venue
Atherton, Paul Jacobsen, Trevor & Eileen Solid Ground
Devil Doll Bar Deluxe
Andrew Rice Art Show Lucky Pirate Denim Bar
Kris Leman Alchemy
Mark Wursten Addicted
Better Life Johnny's
Digna Y Rebelde Red Light Books
Revideolized CD Release Area 51
A Willhelm Scream, The 13th Victim, Negative Charge, Repeat Offender, Charlie Don't Surf Burt's
Motion City Soundtrack Sound
Band of Annuals, Calico, Lets Become Actors Urban
Dimebag Darrell Memorial Show: Separation of Self, Insanity Plea, Vinia, This Failure, Cave of Roses Vegas
Demo Day The Canyons

Sunday, December 9
Update your myspace page School Computer Lab

Monday, December 10
Red, Hed PE, Killing Carolyn, NICE Avalon
Forth Yeer Freshman, L.H.A.W. Burt's

Tuesday, December 11
Spork Monk's
Cavalier, Don't Tell Sophie, Bank Xaalis Solid Ground
Evil Beaver, Dacho, Spork Burt's
ether orchestra, Coyote Hoods, Calico Urban

Wednesday, December 12
Jesse Dayton Bar Deluxe
Colour Revolt Kilby
Alchemy Rose Wagner
Amon Amarth, Himsa, Sonic Syndicate Avalon
Will Hoge, Chris Merritt, Mesa Drive Burt's

Thursday, December 13
Alchemy Rose Wagner
Moses and Carl, Them Changes Burt's
Acoustic Open Mic Night Pat's
Killswitch Engage Saltair
Swagger Piper Down
The Nobody Urban
18 Wheels of Justice Bar Deluxe
Nobody, a collection of poetry, art, music and magic Urban

Friday, December 14
The Wolfs Monk's
Eric Bell Alchemy
Alchemy Rose Wagner
Starmy, Glinting Gems Broken Record
Agent Orange, Swamp Donkeys, The Willkills, Numbskull Burt's
Movie Night Red Light Books
Seve vs. Evan, Ivy League, Dead Lip, Paxtin, The Amorous Conttact, Calibra, By Tonight Avalon
SLUG Localized: Her Candane, I am the Ocean, The Schwas Urban
Eyedea & Abilities In the Venue
Tough Tittie, Life Has a Way, Anything that Moves Bar Deluxe
Supersuckers, Utah County Swillers, Spork Vegas

Saturday, December 15
National Product, Kenotia, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Allred, Our System in Symphony, A City of Refuge NVO
Flash Cabbage Pat's
Go Figure Johnny's
The Electric Pubes, VCR Quintet, I Hate Girls with Bruises, Ghastly Hatchling Red Light
Suburban Hostage, Operation Wrong Burt's
Mary Tebbs Alchemy
Murt, Broke City, The Lives of Famous Men, Larusso Avalon
Alchemy Rose Wagner
Terence Hanson Urban
Sarge, It Never Ends, Dennis, Disdain Vegas
Charlie on the Move, Soggy Bone Tony's
Santa Skis Free The Canyons

Sunday, December 16
Cavedoll Monk's
Otep, Drown Out the Stars, Massacre at the Wake Avalon
The Faceless, 12 Ton Jezus, They Came in Swarms, Audrey Rose, Under the Rising Tide NVO
ether orchestra, time to talk tween tunes starring Dave Payne Urban

Monday, December 17
Hillbilly G Had The Woodshed
Peter Harvey Burt's
Head On Collision, Insanity Plea, tba Vegas

Tuesday, December 18
Pawbox Monk's
Until Further Notice, To the Death Burt's
Self Conclusion, Tate Law, John Allred, Chris Alder Kilby
The Come Down Urban
Rockstar Karaoke Kickoff w/ Big Sexy Vegas

Wednesday, December 19
Colbe Caillat In the Venue
Black Cobra Burt's
Salt Lake Poker Tour The Woodshed
Oh Wild Birds!, Venus Artemisia Urban

Thursday, December 20
Acoustic Open Mic Night Pat's
John Lowiere Alchemy
Toys for Tot's Benefit Piper Down
Muses of Bedlam (reunion show), Kid Medusa Urban
Blonde Assassin, tba Vegas

Friday, December 21
Oni Tattoo Customer Appreciation Party: I am the Ocean, Nine Worlds, Making Fuck Broken Record
Gallery Stroll Downtown SLC
The Dead Baby Show Red Light Books
The Night of 1000 Santas: Voodoo Dolls Burlesque Show The Woodshed
Eric Ethan and Joey Taylor Addicted
Julian Moon Alchemy
Finn Riggins, Mathematics Et Cetera, Badgrass Burt's
The Ruckus, Calico Orange
DBS III Release Party: Terrance DH, The Furs, Subrosa, Eagle Twin Kilby
Hillbilly Swill Pat's
Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons Bar Deluxe
The Future of the Ghost, Ted Dancin (christmas sweater party) Urban
White Party X-Mas Ball w. DJ Jeremiah Area 51
Tba Vegas
Maddog's Winter Solstice Pray for Snow Party w/ Free Swag Tony's

Saturday, December 22
The Nobody Solstice One Mind Studio
The Lauderdale Kilby
DBS III Release Party: Kick the Dog, White Hot Ferrari, Ether, Sleeping Bag Urban
Jeremiah Maxey Pat's
Bad Apples, Darin Caine The Woodshed
Naked and the Shameless, Tough Tittie, Heathen Ass Worship Burt's
The Brobecks, Last Serenade, For: Fairwether, A Casandra Uttrance, Signora, Fourteen Days from Forever, The Skaficionados Avalon
Vinia, Xur, Diggers & Whackers, Prosthetic Heads, Varona Vegas
X-mas Party w/ DJ Matrix Tony's

Sunday, December 23
Bronco & the Come Down Monk's
Owen Hart, Rail Spike Red Light Books
ttttt (time to talk tween tunes) feat. ether orchestra Urban
Santa Shreds The Canyons

Monday, December 24
X-mas Eve Jesus' Cradle

Tuesday, December 25
Sni-Fi and the Monster Pod Monk's
Christmas Party with Royce The Woodshed
Santa Shreds The Canyons

Wednesday, December 26
The Subtle Way NVO
Cave of Roses, This Failure Burt's
Heathen Ass Worship Urban

Thursday, December 27
Zig's Big Electric Blues Jam Pat's
Pink Traktor Burt's
Salty Rootz Piper Down
18 Wheels of Justice Bar Deluxe
deadbeats, the Tremula Urban

Friday, December 28
Stacey Board Pat's
Eric Bell Alchemy
Circle of Hearts Benefit Show: Still Born, Meat, Blessed of Sin Broken Record
Xaalis, I Hear Sirens, Quasi Stellar Radio, By Tonight, Julian Moon Kilby
I am the Bar Deluxe
Red Bennies, Starmy, Le Force Urban
Three Reasons, Monarch, Super So Far, Funk and Gonzo Vegas

Saturday, December 29
Pagan Love Gods Bar Deluxe
Thornley and the Berges Johnny's
Lion Dub, Expulsion, Dublife, Soundsystem, Rico Black Red Light
Spleen, The Shens Burt's
Super Diamond Depot
Pink Lightin' Urban
Scripted Apology, Balance of Power, Redneck Mafia, Krystal Noxx Vegas
Jeff Phillips Band, Last Response Tony's

Sunday, December 30
Buckeye, Vanzetti Crime Red Light Books

Monday, December 31
Vanna, Knives Exchanging Hands, My Hero is Me NVO
DK Rebel & Tallman Monk's
Thunderfist, Blackhole, Skullfuzz Burt's
Patter Starts, Tolchock Trio, The Future of the Ghost, Kid Theodore Kilby
Die Monster Die Bar Deluxe
Wolfs, Ted Dancin' HOLY SHIT 2008 Ball Urban
New Year's Eve Party w/ DJ Radar, DJ Jeremiah, DJ Dance Commander Area 51
New Years Eve Bash: Massacre at the Wake, What Dwells Within, Beyond This Flesh, Still-Born, Cave of Roses Vegas
Happy New Year's with DJ Matrix Tony's

Tuesday, January 1
Hangover My Bed

Wednesday, January 2
Cuba Gooding Jr. Birthday Bash Bucket's Place

Thursday, January 3
Agents of Change, Funk and Gonzo Burt's

Friday, January 4
Opening Reception for Midnight Records 127 S Main St.
The Sound and the Fury Utah Arts Alliance
Last Day of the Sun, Abysmal Abbitoir Broken Record
Streetlight Manifesto, Grand Buffet, The Stitch Up Avalon
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