Luna Dust Vintage. Photo: John Barkiple

Filling the Void: Vintage, Art and Music at VOID MRKT


Springtime in Salt Lake City means the start of some of our favorite local annual events, from the Downtown Farmers Market and Urban Flea Market to countless outdoor summer concerts and shows. Spearheaded by Bianca Velasquez (Localmotive, Venta Shop, Dream Slut) and Brooke Campos (Luna Dust Vintage), VOID MRKT is one of the newest local art events on the scene. The first installment of the series hits Vague Space this Sunday, May 21, with vintage goods, art, music and much more.

“[Brooke and I] talked about collaborating in different ways because we had a similar vision of what we wanted to do,” says Velasquez. “We came to the idea of VOID MRKT when we realized there wasn’t really a market, or flea market, that brought art, vintage and music together in a way that would appeal to our certain demographic.” Velasquez and Campos make the perfect power duo to make VOID MRKT a reality: Both are major supporters and participants of the local music and arts scene; Velasquez’s virtual Venta Shop (@ventashopslc) brings together new and vintage finds, objects and prints; and Campos’ Luna Dust Vintage brick-and-mortar emporium is stacked with handpicked clothing, records and more vintage treasures.

“The vintage scene in SLC is its own group of people, the art scene is its own group of people, and the music scene is its own group of people,” say Campos and Velasquez. “We didn’t feel that there was a market that brought all three together at this intimate level.” That’s where VOID MRKT comes in. In selecting vendors, Campos and Velasquez made sure to give space to folks who might not normally “have their product available at your typical ‘family-friendly’ flea market,” they say, referencing Dylan Roe (@violentwire), who uses thick black outlines and shadows to depict barbed wire, crowns of thorns and naked women in his prints, as well as Zoë Willis (@flirting_with_fire), who embroiders nature-inspired imagery onto bralettes. Along with other favorite SLC artists and vendors, however—including the careful curations of Albatross Recordings & Ephemera and Fellow ShopVOID MRKT promises something for everyone. Delicious Cuban cuisine will be on hand with the Havana Eats Food Truck, and in addition to live mural spray painting, there will be live performance art and balloon animals, courtesy of Malinda Fisher (Desert Rose Jewelry). There’s a stacked local music lineup for May, too, featuring Dream Slut, Beachmen, Lil Baby Goat, Savage Daughters and Wounded Youth.

VOID MRKT“We are not only providing with music, food and a good audience,” say Campos and Velasquez, who are working to provide as much support as possible to each of their vendors. “We are also doing mini documentaries with several of the vendors to give more of a personal sense of who you will be buying from at this market.” The videos will be available through Velasquez’s LocalMotive project (@localmotive_) in the weeks leading up to each event. “We did one with Turned Treasures last week about his process and his passion for vintage hunting,” says Velasquez. “We think this puts more effort into the relationship between event planner and vendor. We aren’t just selling them a spot—we are investing in their passion.” VOID MRKT’s first lineup includes both seasoned market vendors and first-timers, including Scoutt Shop, who will debut their clothing line at the May event. “The most rewarding aspect is bringing people together,” says Campos. “Another is helping those who are getting out there for the first time, [building] confidence in their product or art, so that they can continue growing their business forward.”

Fittingly, VOID MRKT will be held at Vague Space in Sugar House. Formerly Daley’s Clothing and The Borough, Vague Space has worked to fill the void for a space that brings together subcultures to foster and celebrate local art, music, fashion and more. “We wanted to be a part of [Vague Space’s] growth,” says Velasquez. Campos elaborates on why VOID MRKT and Vague Space were so ideal a fit: “Because they embrace events like this, and other forms of musical and artist exposure,” she says. “We don’t think we would hold the event if there wasn’t a place like Vague Space to inspire the idea.”

Both Velasquez and Campos will vend at VOID MRKT: Campos will set up shop with her Luna Dust Vintage 1957 mobile trailer store, and Velasquez will sell her @happybutton_ prints and premiere Venta Shop for its first market. They have confirmed 13 other vendors and are looking for more. “We want to encourage people who have never done a market to reach out to us,” say Campos and Velasquez. To reach out to the duo about vending at any installation of VOID MRKT, email

VOID MRKT is free and all-ages—everyone is welcome. Say Campos and Velasquez, “We just hope they have a great fucking time and come back next month.” Kick off VOID MRKT by investing and immersing yourself in local art, vintage and music on May 21 from 3 to 8 p.m. at Vague Space (819 E. 2100 S.). For a full list of vendors and future updates, follow VOID MRKT on Facebook.