Four Courses of Dessert in SLC: Normal Ice Cream


Salt Lake City is rich with an assortment of places to satisfy your sweet tooth. These featured dessert virtuosos present innovative ways to concoct all things whipped, sprinkled and glazed—some even mastering vegan and gluten-free options. With key sweet, salty and umami elements, City Cakes, Doki Doki, Fillings and Emulsions and Normal Ice Cream feature items that will skip stones across your palate.

Normal Ice Cream
Trolley Square – 600 S. 700 East
W–F: 4p–9p | Sa.: 1p–7p | Su.: 1p–5p

Responses from owner Alexa Norlin

SLUG: How does being a normal girl from a normal place result in outstanding ice cream?

Normal: I have been a pastry chef in SLC for nearly six years, though fine dining and “farm to table” will forever be in my blood. I wanted to focus on a single item—and I LOVE ice cream. I have always felt that soft serve is ice cream’s natural state, so, why not? Salt Lake has a crazy gap in that market, minus Nielsen’s. I still go there monthly, but custard is its own category.

Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo: Talyn Sherer
Tutti Fruiti 2.0. Photo: Talyn Sherer.
Tutti Fruiti 2.0. Photo: Talyn Sherer.

SLUG: What kinds of ingredients go into your ice cream?

Normal: I use local dairy from Rosehill and try to use as many local products as possible. They are absolutely all-natural as well.

SLUG: What makes your ice cream so good?

Normal: We make everything—from the ice-cream-sandwich cookies to the crumble on the bars, even to the dips for your soft serve.

SLUG: Whether it’s the ingredients or any other ways you make it, what makes Normal Ice Cream stand out/different compared to other handcrafted ice cream?

Normal: We care about every single step, how it tastes, what the textures are and how it looks because we live in a visual world, after all.

SLUG: How do you pick your flavors each month? (The idea of sweet corn is blowing our minds—can’t wait to try it!)

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Normal: I have a running list on Notes on my phone. Some are ideas I come up with, some are my employees’ ideas and a lot are friends, family, customers, etc.!

SLUG: What inspired your composed cones?

Normal: Think plated dessert but on a cone. I care so much about the textures and flavors that go in  a dish that I wanted to recreate that on a more simple platform: SOFT SERVE!

SLUG: Why did you decide to go with the food truck model?

Normal: Have you seen the Grumman? We couldn’t NOT do it! It was also a way to start up and test the model. I knew people loved ice cream, but I did not know they loved it as much as I do!

SLUG: When does your brick-and-mortar location open up? (And will you be open Mondays/Tuesdays someday?)

Normal: We will likely be closed Mondays to start, but yes, we will be open for more than five hours at a time! I won’t jinx it by giving you a date, but were shooting for the end of this year. Fingers crossed.

SLUG: How/where else do people get a taste of your ice cream?

Normal: We sell through Caputo’s Downtown, 15th & 15th and Holladay, Park City Mercantile and Honeysuckle Coffee. We also make special flavors/bars/sandwiches for Post Office Place, Nomad, Eva, Lake Effect and Mazza.

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