Jojo’s Corner


Today’s pop quiz: who’s the greatest two guitar team of all time? Keith Richards and Ron Wood? Nope. Wayne Cramer and Fred “Sonic” Smith? Wrong. Slash and Izzy? No sir. Jimmy Page himself? Not even… The correct answer is Dix Denny and Mike Martt of the legendary Thelonious Monster. Actually, this isn’t a fair question since Thelonious usually has more than two guitarists at any given time. Their first album, Baby… You’re Bummin’ My Life out in a Supreme Fashion has four guitar strummers with such luminaries as Peter Case and Tupelo Joe bringing the total to an amazing seven guitarists on some tracks. Their latest album has only two guitarists listed, but Stormy Weather is one of the best albums of the year. Produced masterfully by John Doe, this album features the party hit “Sammy Hagar Weekend” and a brilliant reworking of Tracy Chapman’s “For My Lover” (with John Doe leading whiner Bob Forest in a plaintive duet). As an added bonus, the compact disc edition includes all of 1987’s Next Saturday’s Afternoon album.

To all those who helped put on Mayfest this year at the University, congrats, I had a big ole time. Too bad Tupelo blew it off. At least I got to see my personal guru, Denny Dent, and his two-fisted art attack. This guy is the most “intense” performer I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll hang up the typewriter, jump in a Volkswagen and follow him around the country. I’m gonna be a “Dent Head!” Local boys Steve-o (oops I mean Stephen), and Karl return to town with All on June 10. The new Bad Yodelers tape is heavily good. I still can’t get used to Terrance singing for ‘em although he sounds great as ever. The Stench has been playing a lot lately and if you haven’t got their album, Crazy Moon on Running Records, ankle down to Raunch and procure a copy, post haste. You won’t regret it.  Well, until next time…