Local Bands: March 1993

Local Band: Makeshift


What do Rocket From The Crypt, The Velvet Underground, Yes, D.C. hardcore, jazz and Salt Lake have in common? Make Shift, a four-piece band who play their music to be felt, not justLocal Band: Make Shift heard.

I have a lot of respect for these guys. That’s why I took the time with Doug Wright (bass), Jeff Johnson (guitar), Ryan Mills (drums) and Jim Kimball (vocals) to find their drive. What started as a small project has now gotten serious. With the addition of Wright, this four-piece found themselves starting completely over. Six months later, all members agree that they have not only progressed musically, but also personally.

Their two demos released in the summer of ’92 laid the groundwork for Wilted and Bloodshot, which now appears on the Salt Flat compilation. Fast and hard with heavy grooves, an early Helmet perhaps, with a seven inch on Flatline in the making, there is no doubt that you will hear more from these guys.

The driving force behind these four is expression through music, resulting in enjoyment and a release. Social problems ranging from homelessness to the Anti-Renaissance shape the message found within their music.

A benefit show on March 26 at Club Starrz is a good chance to come judge Make Shift for yourself. 

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