A Love Ethic
Street: 10.06.11
ESX = Mazzy Star + Eurythmics + Cyndi Lauper
“Had a thing for a girl named Annie … Found out she was a tranny…” begins the debut album of SLC locals, ESX. Crystal Pistol, sexy lead singer extraordinaire, coos, growls, chats and sings over the fast-paced beats, bouncy bass and catchy keys. The song-writing is good, fun shit that you want to sing along to—and the production is top-notch, especially for a hometown production. I happen to know these chicks rock a great live show, too, so head on down to the next performance and pick up an album for yourself. You won’t regret it, as the band is filled with babes, and while they’ll probably go home with your girlfriend instead of you, I hear that a guy has recently joined the previously all-girl line-up—perhaps you two can play video games and jam out to the new album while they get it on. Hot.