Notes From The Industrial Underground: January 1992


If you missed Foetus, Inc. last month then to hell with you!

Thirwell and company put on one of the best shows I’ve seen this year-action packed and louder than you.

Topping off the new released for this month is Thirwell’s Steroid Maximus, and eclectic instrumental project from the Foetalmeister. Quilombo is noisy, jazzy, experimental music for your listening enjoyment. Aided by the likes of Raymond Watts, Lucy Hamilton, Away, Hahn Rowe and Lin Culbertson, this 10-song CD has enough of the trademark Thirwell insanity to please Foetus fans and newcomers alike.

New on Wax Trax! are a full-length from Excessive Force and a new single from Fred (Giannelli) as well as a Psychic TV album and single. All there have great dance tracks on them but Excessive Force’s Conquer Your World has a little more variety to it, moving from the dance floor right into aural assault. Lead by Sasha from Kmfdm, Excessive Force is bound to conquer your stereo.

Attrition has a new album, A Tricky Business, and single, “Thin Red Line,” our now. The band has gotten more into the techno beat and is less interesting than previously, but these are still two great works.

Finally, a new single from Clock DVA entitled “Final Program.” It’s a great follow-up to their previous record and chock full of useful scientific information that is impossible to decipher. Get out your dictionary or just enjoy it for the incredible music it is.

Pankow has two new released out as well. The first is a single, “Walpurgis Nacht,” and the second is a remix record, Svobodyl, which also has some new tracks and unreleased version of songs. Leading off the Nice Bottom/Schoner Arsch these zany Italians take you on a fun filled adventure through the german language.

Caroline Records has released the third Electronic Body Music, another World Part 2. Artist on this compilation include: The Klinik, A Split Second, Vomito Negro, Noise Unit, Mussolini Headkick, In Sotto Voce and Boris Mikulik.

New on Nettwerk are Hilt’s and Severed HeadsCuisine. If you haven’t clued-in yet, Hilt is two-thirds of Skinny Puppy plus a few added members. But don’t expect all the spookiness that the Puppy-boys usually put out. Hilt is more of a vent for material that hasn’t fit in with the Skinny Puppy thing. Severed Heads serves up more techno sweetness and danceable grooves that will make you want to get up and boogie. Until next month… 

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