Notes from the Industrial Underground, October 1991.

Notes From the Industrial Underground: October 1991


Every once in awhile something extraordinary passes through my hot, hellish hands. And here’s something every industrial lover should know about: the debut, four-song cassette from Arizona’s Christus Christus, entitled “The Opium Den.” With obvious influences from the Legendary Pink Dots, plus the added psychosis of Click Click, Christus Christus blends Eastern ambiance with electronic soundscapes and rhythms with rich vocals by one S. Murray Solida. Limited to two hundred, this cassette only release comes in incredible packaging complete with an Oriental flavored print on handmade paper. It’s as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. So get your own personal copy now (that’s an order from the Evil One himself) at Crandall Audio in Orem or directly from Christus Christus.

Speaking of the Legendary Pink Dots, Play It Again Sam and Caroline Records have recently re-issued two early titles from the band on CD: The Legendary Pink Box and The Lovers. They are both great perspectives of a legendary band as well as cool showcases of Ka-Spel’s unique and distinct voice. Other LPD titles are also available now domestically from Caroline … Ka-Spel has also been busy with a forthcoming solo LP in his China Doll series as well as with a project entitled MIMIR. The MIMIR disc is very ambient with lots of noises blended together to form instrumental extravagance and tons of listening pleasure to fill your horned heads. PIG has a new one out on Concrete Productions. Working with Mr. Jim “FOETUS” Thirwell, the album has all that madcap fun of a FOETUS record blended with pieces of PIG’s earlier work in KMFDM plus all the raunchy lyrics you’d expect from Industrial music’s nastiest artist.

Get “Praise The Lard” before it gets you! … It’s finally here! The long awaited first single from two-thirds of Skinny Puppy. (Missing Ogre) under the name of Doubting Thomas, Father Don’t Cry starts out with melodic keyboards and builds into a thumping, gut wrenching climax before fading back into its mellow origins. Layered with sampling instead of vocals, this one’s sure to be a hit. The B-Sides include “Turn A New Leaf” and “Xcrement.” Another new Wax Trax! release is Fred, you know, that guy from Psychic TV and the Sick Mob part of Caresse and Sick Mob. This one was a real surprise for me. It’s not the disco/rave stuff that PTV has been pumping out lately. The first track could actually rival Ministry for grunge and all around heaviness. The EP makes it’s way into a more experimental ending but is pretty well balanced overall. 

Don’t miss the new Alternative Press, with disco demons Thrill Kill Kult on the cover, Mark Verhaeghen’s (of Kling and Noise Unit fame) new project X10 has a full length disc out now, on Another Subway through Caroline. Working with Marc Ick’s of A Split Second and female vocalist Niki Mono, Verhaegen puts out dance floor delights as well as eerie instrumentals … Another new Antler Subway band is The Overlords with their CD “Organic?” With a ripping techno version of Holiday In Cambodia this one will turn your pointed ears upside down and make your canines flat again. Some new stuff from Canada;s Nettwerk label, Skinny Puppy’s “Addiction” reissued on CD single for years of listening pleasure. Put away your vinyl and add this to your collection.

Single Gun Theory has a new full length called “Like Stars In My Hands” Not quite as worked up as “Exorcise This Wasteland” but great all the same. MC 900 FT Jesus has a promo single out from his forthcoming second album “Welcome To My Dream” called “The Killer Inside Me.” Heavy on the scratchin.’ rappin,’ and rhythm guitars, it also has a sexy sax solo. It may be too groovy for you “deep, dark” industrial types, but then, you’ve probably skipped down anyway. Also on the funky, noisier side is Consolidated’s “Brutal Equation” remixes. It has all the socially and politically correct views one could ever hope to achieve set to that funked-out Consolidated beat. 

Also a CD reissue is MOEV’s “Dunk and Desire” if you liked SPK’s Nettwerk LP, then you’ll love this one. It’s pre “Yeah, Whatever” MOEV when Michela Arrichiello sang with the band.

Numb has a new single, three mixes of “Bliss” and one of “Stiff.” These guys are hard as hell and deserve more appreciation for some head-splitting music … probably the spookiest new Industrial record is Dominator’s “Forbidden Pleasures.” It’s a scary send-up to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and there’s plenty of dialogue from the movie to keep your skin crawling (if you’re wearing your own skin).

Die Warzau has a new single, “Funkopolis,” I guess it’s all downhill from “Strike To The Body.” Need I say more?

And finally, it’s the Alien Sex Fiend box, with five singles (one’s an eleven inch and one’s a ten inch) t-shirt, Fiendzine and cool simulated dogshit. All in an attractive box designed by Lord Fiend and the band. Smells like Alien Sex Fun!!! 

Watch for new one’s from Boris Mukulik, Excessive Force (En Esch of KMFDM and Pigface) a full length Doubting Thomas, full length of Lords of Acid, a new single from Lead Into Gold, (Paul Barker of Ministry) and a whole load of A Split Second CD singles.


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