Featured Band November 1991: Reality


“A lot of people assume that because we have short hair, we’re straight edge band. We aren’t though. Everyone in the band is straight, but it’s because we want to be, not because we want to shove it in anyone’s face.”

Despite their protestations to the contrary, Reality is followed by horde of fresh-faced innocents in oversized t-shirts, shorts and baseball caps. However, their music is possibly more properly classified as something else, something heavier. Fast, hard edge, and aggressive, with brutally honest lyrics, some have even called Reality “heavy metal.”

“Our songs are just about life. The lyrics are about things that happen in your life, that everyone can relate to. The majority of the lyrics are negative, but life is very negative if you look beyond the surface of things. That explains the name Reality.”

Together for about a year, Reality has been performing at Salt Lake venues only since last January. Despite their relative inexperience, the band’s improvement over this short period of time has been noticeable, to say the least. Consisting of Justin Spencer on drums, Brad Butterfield on bass, Chris Carlton on guitar, Spencer Jacobs on guitar, and Trent Falcone on vocals, Reality has two tapes out and a 7” due out soon on Flatline Records.

The first tape, self-titled, has five tracks. Although production is somewhat lacking, Reality’s musical energy and enthusiasm is already evident. The second tape, also self-titled, has three tracks and much improved production. The music is brutal and tight, and the sound is clean, clear and hard-hitting. The 7” debut vinyl, produced by Salt Lake’s own Flatline Records, will contain all new, previously unrecorded material. Given the eminence of such label-mates as The Stench, Brainstorm, and Search, Reality has to be extra prodigious to keep up with Flatline’s prominent reputation. This new 7” promises to astound even their most loyal fans when it is released.

Best of all, the band members appear to be truly nice people. Young, straight-forward and honest, Reality has a basic philosophy which is surprisingly mature. “The truth is, life is not always a cup of tea. If you’re straight or not, everyone has problems and feels pain, feels happiness and emotions. That’s what the band is about. Reality is both positive and negative, but never just one.”

Whatever their philosophy, Reality is definitely an up n coming phenomenon on the Salt Lake scene. If you haven’t caught them yet, you owe yourself the favor. Don’t be put pff by the “straight edge” thing, Reality is accessible to everyone who likes straight ahead, hard-driving rock. Catch ’em when you can.


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