Record Review: April 1992



Doghouse has to be Salt Lake’s longest and best-kept secret. Hidden away in a small practice space somewhere in the city for three years, they have finally surfaced and begun to play live shows, most recently headlining a show at the Bar & Grill on Alternative Thursdays.

Consisting of three members: Dennis Maw, Jeff Lazerus and Brenda Lazerus, Doghouse makes melodic, rockin’ power pop that makes you stand up and pay attention.

Bass guitarist Brenda Lazerus’ voice is both imploring and commanding. Her vocals add a fourth dimension to the bass, guitar, drums, combo, as she climbs up and down the scale, giving her voice a workout. Add to this the diverse guitar sounds, ranging from ringing background sounds to riveting guitar leads, as well as the drive or ambiance of the drumming and you have an incredible, innovative band.

These seven songs give you a taste for Doghouse which will hopefully be satisfied by future releases.

CommonplaceGiving Ground

Finally, a full-length release from Commonplace after the success of their 7” single Try As I Might/Home to All. This new CD fulfills all of the promise of the band’s first release as well as giving them a chance to show off more of their many-faceted songwriting talents.

Beginning with the mellow, violin laden intro to “chiaroscuro,” the album picks up the energy and drives relentlessly, stopping briefly to showcase Lara Bringard’s incredible voice on “again,” and then picking up and racing towards the end of the record.

The CD has a perfect blend of instruments and vocals, neither overpowering nor overshadowing the other. The interplay between Scoot Bringard and Colin Kelly’s guitars is clear and concise, adding depth and variety to the songs. Guitars are backed up by the steady rhythm section of Troy Harris on electric and acoustic bass and wonder drummer, Jason Bringard. The instrumentation forms

 a perfect soundtrack for Lara Bringard’s voice, which she stretches and manipulates, always surprising the listener with her abilities.

Commonplace is a perfectly matched quintet, adding strength upon strength to their CD release, which is sure to be a hit with longtime and new fans alike.

“home to all the chosen ones/crashing bling into the evening sun/[their]time has come…”

Commonplace, April 1192

Skozey Fetisch Moma: Key

After spending countless hours in various recording situations, creative genius/musical madman Mark C. Jackman has put together a full tape of music/sound/noise under the guise of Skozey Fetisch. Jackman has long been Salt Lake’s leader of sound manipulation and experimental noise, as witnessed by his weekly show on KRCL radio. Not content just to play the records, Jackman is always making tape loops and adding extraneous noise, keeping his listeners guessing and changing the feel of records played.

This same innovation/insanity carries over into his own project. Using a variety of instruments, whether “real” or sampled, Jackman puts together soundscapes that are both disturbing and challenging to your ears. The tape brings to mind recollections of early Nurse with Wound and Throbbing Gristle albums.

There is an overall continuity to this project as “song” blends into “song” and rhythms mesh with other rhythms, sounds and noises.

Listening to this tape will prepare you, but to fully appreciate Skozey Fetisch you will want to see a live show, where sound and vision take on one another head on.

New Maggot HeadsIt Will Be All Over Soon

This little package is pretty cool—a 4 song EP dedicated to Iggy pop. Maggot Heads did a good job pulling off a really raw old school sound. Featuring Cock in My Pocket, Search & Destroy, 1969, and I Wanna Be Your Dog, this little ditty is just perfect for all you Iggy fans!  

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