Record Review: December 1993


In Crust We Trust
Various Artists 

Germany’s lost and found (which is also a well-established mail order operation) is responsible for this fine sampler of bands on their roster. International crust and grind galore—what a variety!

Among them, the UK’s Concrete Sox and Heresy should be recognized by many, as well by two cuts from Siege’s 1984 classic Drop Dead. Particularly mentionable are the cuts from Discharge, Disfear, and the furious Swedish bands—Uncurbed, No Security and especially the god-like Crude SS.—fucking hot! Three sneers for Sweden for producing these killer bands. 

Anti-Nowhere League
The Best Of Anti-Nowhere League

This is a compilation of tracks by one of 77’s most criminally underrated bands. Anti-Nowhere League made a few singles, two studio albums and one live album, the selections here representing many of the singles, B-sides and some selections from the first album, We Are…The League, and the live album (recorded in Yugoslavia). Mercifully, nothing from the disappointing second album was included.

Imagine Sex Pistols with talent, sincerity, authenticity and the genuine sneering face and “so-fucking-what”, gob-spitting, nihilistic futility that characterized the late ‘70s UK punk scene? Skamid-tempo melodic power chords and sing-along choruses (which were reflected in the ’80s and ’90s) that don’t sacrifice aggressiveness even when heartbreaking. Other recommendations would have to include the classic, punk singles “Streets of London”, “So What” and “Queen & Country.” Enjoy a paper sack–full of model glue and turn it up.

Poison Idea
We Must Burn

It is with great sense of melancholy that I regard the final offering from Portland’s legendary Poison Idea. Thirteen years of uncompromising, cynical, catchy, crashing hardcore now foddler for history books due to the severe illness of guitarist Tom Roberts. So, what is their parting gift? 11 songs in which all band members get their kicks in. From the experimental “Jessie’s Arms” (penned by bassist Charley Nims) to the riff-laden “When I Say Stop” (by guitarist Craig Lower), to the all-out thrashing cover of “Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter” (originally by Japan’s greatest, G.I.S.M.), We Must Burn fails not to satisfy. Lyrics of the month by Roberts: “I once had plans, such big plans but I let them slip through the holes in my hands.”

Adios, Poison Idea and gracias for 13 years of effort and sacrifice. You are appreciated and will be missed. Sniff. 

Total Chaos
We Are The Future We Are The Punks

Spiked hair, bullet belts, studded leather and circled A’s are a rare sight anymore. ’80s revivalism? Nope, try this: “This record is dedicated to the punk movement, the most powerful movement ever and to smash the system.”

Mid-tempo and fast discharge style power thrash with a serious grinding doom feel, especially in the bassline. Intelligent peace-punk lyrics throughout and Bridgette‘s vocals on “Intro / Pain, Agony, Defeat” are a definite bonus. Also, check out “Fuck The System,” and “Pledge Of Defiance.”

So, if you can remember punk before it became a juvenescent social and fashion clique dominated by rich kid conformists in big pants, you’ll feel right at home. And two fingers in the air back at you. –Blaine Hopkins