Killswitch Engage
Disarm the Descent
Roadrunner Records
Street: 04.02
Killswitch Engage = Times of Grace + Trivium + As I Lay Dying
Jesse Leach has returned, ladies and gents, back at the helm of his birth-band, and he’s brought an energy they haven’t had in a long goddamn time. The album opens like a shotgun to the face with Leach’s scream, furious blast beats and shredding on track “The Hell In Me.” That pace doesn’t let up, minus one slower-tempo track, “Always.” Everything the band has perfected has a presence on this album, even if the album isn’t perfect. The songs didn’t resonate emotionally as much as their or Leach’s past efforts. Expect tracks like “In Due Time” and “You Don’t Bleed for Me” to be stuck in your noggin for at least a day. The nostalgia factor is sky-high here, where enjoyment is concerned: Old-school fans will love having Leach back, but this album, while a solid display of metal, really isn’t doing anything new or groundbreaking. It’s just good ol’ Killswitch Engage. Love it or fuck off.