Tonight’s opening for the Trent Call: Processed exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) promises to draw in the everyday consumer for a hyper-realistic approach to examining the fast food industry. The show is a collection of collages, digital works, paintings and found objects, standing together and apart, waiting to be digested by its viewers. While Call says, “Nothing in the show takes itself seriously enough to be a societal critique,” he also admits that it all boils down to interpretation. He says, “The massive scale and variety of fast food imagery is appealing to me. It’s just so over blown and so visually hyper-stimulating. Also, it is delivered directly to my door by the USPS.” In anticipation of the show, Call explains why the venue, UMOCA, stands apart from shows in the past. He says, “A few of the pieces have been in the works for years because I never had a relevant place to show them.” The show will be running from Dec. 12 to Jan. 17. In addition to the show, Call will be revealing a handful of .gifs in the UMOCA .gif Shop.

Head to the UMOCA tonight for the Opening Reception of Trent Call: Processed gallery, which starts at 7 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m.