SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #141 – Chris Frost, Mkaio, Cathy Foy, SheJumps

With the winter fleeting and seasons beginning to change, SLUG is trying to take advantage of the snow while it’s still here! On this episode of SLUG Soundwaves we sit down with local snowboard pro, Chris Frost and speak with an organization that is dedicated to getting women into skiing and giving them the proper training. We listen to some snow-themed tracks along the way from locals Mkaio and Cathy Foy.

– The mountains of Utah call to the souls of many snowboarders and Chris Frost, a former Minnesota resident and current snowboarding professional, is no exception. SLUG sat down with Frost to discuss his start in the Utah snow industry at Brighton Resort and the future of his career.

– Mkaio began creating soundscapes in 2009 and released his first full-length in 2012. It’s hard to pin down his musical genre as he has dabbled in styles such as shoegaze, chillwave and ambient. Listen to the chill, electronic piece “Snow” from his 2013 release, Stars.

– A veteran of the Salt Lake music scene, Cathy Foy released her debut album in 2013. Quiet as the Hour is a soft working of vocals and instruments combined that is as haunting as it is uplifting and beautiful. We listen to  “Long Time Winter Snow” from her solo release.

– SheJumps strives to get women involved in outdoor activities. The organization encourages women to get outside and teaches them the basics of various activities so that they can pass on the knowledge and eventually teach others. SLUG spoke with McKenna Peterson to find out about this amazing opportunity and discover exactly how far across the world the program has reached.

Host: Dan Nailen
Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
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Interviewers: Tim Kronenberg, Brinley Forelich
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