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Episode #143 – SXSW Recap: Polytype & Moneypenny

SXSW has come and gone, leaving a wake of plastic cups, panties and music dreams in the streets of Austin, Texas. Local bands Polytype and Moneypenny were there for the action, so SLUG speaks to them about their time and experiences there. We hear music from Polytpe’s debut album, as well as Moneypenny’s 2013 release.

– Polytype has been through a lot since it’s formation in 2011: releasing a debut album, signing to a label and going through a line-up change all while continuing to play live. Since coming back from the show-ravaged state of Texas, Mason Porter, a member of the local electronic/indie band was able to chat with SLUG about the group’s experience at SXSW. We also listen to “Coinflip” from their debut, Basic // Complex.

– Moneypenny are a pop-punk band based out of both Utah and California. The band has been pumping out positive, upbeat and catchy jams since 2006 and just this year released their newest, a self-titled album. Their song “Below The Surface” is a testament to all that is pop-punk.

– SLUG had the chance to chat with Issac Ellsworth, guitarist and vocalist of Moneypenny, on the phone while they were in Austin, TX at the SXSW Music Festival. Issac discussed band community ethics, the reception of their new album, the message behind Moneypenny and more.

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