SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #227 – Villain

In this episode of Soundwaves, the official podcast of SLUG Magazine, we’ll be interviewing the band Villain and listening to music from their debut EP.

Villain is a six-piece hardcore band in Salt Lake City and comprises Trent Falcone on vocals, Justin Spencer, Jay Wilkinson and Matt Jones on guitars, Brad Butterfield on bass and Gavin Hoffman on drums. SLUG writer Alex Cragun sat down with Falcone, Wilkinson and Jones in our podcast studio to talk about the band and their latest release. Villain formed over the summer of 2015 and immediately jumped into the studio with SLC producer Dave Evanoff of Sound Designs to record their self-titled EP.

Previously, members of Villain were involved with other local bands such as Reality and INVDRS. In this interview, we talk about how members from the groups came together to create Villain as well as the inspiration for the lyrical content of their EP. Additionally, we ask about what the creation of Villain means for the future of Reality and INVDRS and provide information on upcoming shows for the groups.

Music for this episode of Soundwaves comes from Villian’s self-titled, four song EP and includes tracks like “This Is A Heist.” To purchase the album with original songs and album artwork, visit their Bandcamp at

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