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Episode #233 – Golden Plates

In this week’s episode, we chat with Brycen Deters of Golden Plates.

Golden Plates is a solo project from musician Brycen Deters, playing off of the LDS faith as tropes for the band, Deter takes on the role of Elder Brycen, with the names of his albums and songs as references to the church.

In 2015 he released his debut EP Eugenics, along with a series of singles through his Soundcloud account. In April of 2016 he released his first full-length album The Light, coinciding with his free live show at Urban lounge March 31.

Deters moved to Salt Lake City from San Francisco about two years ago. Him and a buddy started Panda Sex Gurus, a group made up of parody joke songs. Deters says after only three short months here in Utah his friend moved back to California. He spent the next eight months looking for a drummer after writing his first EP, and after little luck jumped in and did them himself.

The name Golden Plates came along after Deters held a “Name My Next Band” Facebook contest. “I got messages all the time on Facebook asking ‘Hey is this a Christian group?’” In the beginning Golden Plates was largely based on satire and started out as being a joke. “It’s very much existential and tongue and cheek,” says Deters.

Deters has played in roughly seven bands while based in L.A. “The problem with that music scene, because it’s so saturated, so many people come out here after selling out there local venues. It’s depressing because people are always trying to exploit them.” Deters says that in order to playa lot of the venues in L.A. they make you pay for at least 50 tickers at 15 dollars each per band.

“But there’s a lot of good music that comes from everywhere, ‘cause everyone has a different experience.” The worst music scene Deters has ever been apart of was in San Francisco. “Theres a lot of great music here and a lot of not so great music,” says Deters about the Utah Music scene. Some of his favorite local bands include UFO TV, Grand Banks and Your Meteor.

You can check out more on Golden Plates at his Facebook page here and see Deters perform his first full-length album, The Light, at Urban Lounge March 31.

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