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Episode #261 – Alyxandri Jupiter

Local hip-hop and house artist Alyxandri Jupiter wants to transport her listeners to a new, dreamlike plane with her latest EP release, Out of Body Experience. Currently working with Audio Flow and Media Ink, Jupiter hopes to continue taking her listeners on a “space trip.” In this podcast, she discusses lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and how she creates her own fantasy world with her music.

Jupiter grew up in a musical household—in fact, her father, Chris Wright, currently works for Media Ink and is also a DJ. “I always knew that I wanted to be a successful traveling musician,” says Jupiter. She shaped her own reality and attended Scottsdale Community College—the only school where you can get a degree in turntableism. It was at SCC where she met Candy Man. “He taught me how to relax and let go,” she says. “For me, it was dancing while I was recording.”

Her dance evolved from her time spent in Hawaii. “Around the same time I was in Scottsdale Community College, I started to open up my psychedelic self-discovery,” she says. “During that time, I made the decision to move out to Hawaii. … It was a great experience, and personally, the best decision I’ve ever made.” Her time on Kona led her to experimenting with psychedelics, networking with other musicians and learning skilled dance techniques including fire-dancing and aerial arts. Out of Body Experience is a tribute to her time in Hawaii and a manifestation of Jupiter’s personal view of Alyx’s experiences on the big island. “It was my personal wonderland,” she says. “Alyx in wonderland, if you will.”

Jupiter has worked with countless musicians and DJs, including BriskOner and has even produced a single with Shanghaii, to be released this May. “I am ecstatic to show you a glimpse into my mind with the Out of Body Experience EP,” says Jupiter. Be on the lookout for her in local venues, as well as national concerts and festivals. On this podcast, you’ll hear the track “888 Lionsgate” featuring Cig Burna. Check out her music at and

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