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Episode #280 – The Nods

In this episode of SoundwavesJeremy Devine, drummer for local garage-punk band The Nods, plugs the band’s first monthly residency night at Urban Lounge featuring City of DIS, and bespeaks the The Nods’ ongoing, DIY recordings in anticipation of possible to-be-released tracks.

When the Nods first formed in 2013, Devine had yet to join but recalls attending some of their first shows as a fan and feeling impressed. Since Devine has joined, the band has begun to record in a new home studio owned by the band’s vocalist, Rocky Maldonado, a step up from their previous basement recording space, where they are now better able to catch the band’s live sound. This has given them an opportunity to re-record some previous tracks as well as some new pieces, which they hope to release in either the late spring or early summer of this year. In addition to the new recording studio, the band has been working with Hail Atlantis, a local label that focuses on rock and punk music.

The idea of holding a residency night at Urban Lounge originally came from the warm reception the Nods felt in playing their first shows there. These nights will serve as a platform for bands that are just getting started and to introduce underrepresented genres on a local level. “Come to the shows expecting a wide range of music,” Devine says. “Come in at any given one, and it will be different from the last one that we did. We’ll have things ranging from experimental electronic bands to noise bands, hardcore, straight-up rock n’ roll.” For the first residency night, Jan. 31, Mutie, 22A, Sotanos, Hyrkanian and Deborah Downer will be in the showcase. Devine encourages any other bands who want to be featured in future residency nights to contact the Nods via Facebook, Instagram (@nodhole) or Twitter (@NodsThe).

The featured song is “Chromatic Recollection” from The Nods’ self-titled 7″, available at

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