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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #284 – Nick Passey

Nick Passey, more commonly known as ‘NP,’ is a local, acoustic act with a background comprising many different experiences and genres. In this episode of Soundwaves, Passey discusses how he became a solo artist, his experiences on tour, the recording process of his debut album and his love for Salt Lake City.

It all started when his friend, Jeff Dillon, asked him to go on tour. To Passey’s surprise, Dylan didn’t mean just as good company—he wanted him to play. Passey quickly realized that he needed to throw some material together and started writing songs, working on a website, and assembling his album, one week before he was supposed to leave.

“The call to release the album on vinyl was an obvious one after so many people came up to the merch table and asked for it,” Passey said. He discusses his love for vinyl as an intimate medium. He mentions that his favorite places in Salt Lake to hunt for a good record are Randy’s Records and Diabolical Records. Even then, he still loves to dig around a thrift store to find those diamonds-in-the-rough.

Passey recorded his album with Steve Phillips from Full Fidelity Records in Murray, where he found fulfillment in the recording process. Since they worked by project instead of by hour, it allowed for the duo to take their time and focus on the little details to create something unique.

Nick Passey is playing a show on April 21 to debut his album on vinyl at The Patio in Salt Lake City. You can find a digital copy and learn more about him on his website:

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