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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #285 – Andrew Goldring

On this episode of Soundwaves, Andrew Goldring discusses his ascent from guitar-based blues music to indie-powerhouse musician and producer at Soundcave.

As a kid, Goldring was inspired by the blues. He recalls watching a Stevie Ray Vaughn video—and he thought it was the coolest. As time moved on, he would play gigs. He would play shows around town with the guys from his church band. In high school, he started developing his sound and pinpointing what exactly he wanted to do with his music. He soon found that he wanted to focus on songwriting and perfecting his craft rather than showing off his skills.

After high school, Goldring moved on to work in Golden Sun and Great Interstate, the bands in which he would practice writing and recording albums all on his own. Once Great Interstate called it quits, Goldring focused on his solo work by writing and recording his own songs, which would lead to the opening of his studio, Soundcave.

Songwriting has become a new experience for Goldring. Instead of trying to channel as much inspiration that he could at once for a perfect song, he’s been working on writing songs that come from a stream-of-consciousness way of writing. By finding new ways to piece different things together and experimenting with his lyric-writing techniques, songs that didn’t come out as expected the first time have a chance to become something unexpected.

Goldring has a lot he’s bringing to the table this year. Not only is he working on producing new songs, music videos and organizing different tours and gigs, but he’s also working on an EP.

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