SLUG writer Levi Rounds talks shop with his fellow local comedian Cody Eden about his stand up shows around town, youtube videos and the podcast he and Arthur Carter put together titled “Bierdos,” which is available for download through iTunes. The first music break is from Swindlers. Formally known as Mary May, Swindlers is an experimental rock band from Orem, UT that came together as a band in the summer of ‘08.

Next, we do an archival interview of local artist Arash Mafi for Craft Lake City. Arash Mafi started a local jewelry company called Paisley Dreams in 2009, which sells 100% handmade jewelry from silver, brass, copper, bronze and unique stones. Paisley Dreams will be at Craft Lake City this coming month. The Dark Past, our second music break, is a “message-drive metal” band from Salt Lake City featuring Nick (Bass, Vocals), Adrian (Guitars) and Vince (Drums). The Dark Past draws influences from progressive metal, math, grind, death and hardcore bands with lyrics that have spiritual/existential message.

Finishing off the podcast we have Mike Brown, a SLUG Mag columnist who has kindly offered words of advice on life, love and the pursuit of craft beer. Mike Brown is a fan of the Utah Jazz and an expert in many fields—however, what brings him to Soundwaves this time is his one-of-a-kind love advice.

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