SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #318 – Breakfast in Silence

After realizing how much they each liked each other’s work, Ashleigh BassettVal Brown and Russ Wood decided to form Breakfast in Silence. Maybe punk, probably emo, the band will accept labels from soul punk to “deconstructed emotive yardcore.” Bassett and Wood pin down their history and how the DIY music scene has created a tight-knit, yet welcoming community, one resistant to insulation. This week’s featured track “Plant” comes from Breakfast in Silence’s upcoming album, CW: Loss, which explores Bassett’s experience with vocal injury, confidence, depression and death.

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  • This podcast was created by SLUG Magazine and produced by Angela H. Brown, Parker Scott Mortensen
  • Associate Producers: Alexander Ortega, Joshua Joye, John Ford, Bianca Velasquez
  • Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
  • Music by Breakfast in Silence
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  • Photo courtesy of Breakfast in Silence