SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #344 – Pillars

Pillars is experimenting with their own sound, both in production and performance. While quarantine has given B Zitting the opportunity to focus on a more experimental, production-focused EP, their bandmate Ryan Collenburg is integral to Pillars’ aesthetic and sound. The band is currently working on two EPs in tandem, and each one expresses an evolving facet of the band.

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Pillars is on Bandcamp.

  • This podcast was created by SLUG Magazine and produced by Angela H. Brown, Parker Scott Mortensen
  • Associate Producers: Alexander Ortega, Joshua Joye, John Ford, Bianca Velasquez, Audrey Lockie
  • Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
  • Music by Pillars
  • Soundwaves logo and art design by Nicholas Dowd
  • Photo courtesy of B Zitting