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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #356 – Savage Daughters

Melding together the influences of stoner-dream-pop and shoegaze, Savage Daughters consists of twins Alex Lopez (She/her, guitar and vocals) and Tut Lopez (They/them, bass) as well as Summer Sigritz (drums). The trio shares a history that spans many critical years of their lives and culminates in a coherent musical vision that is full of chemistry. 

Beginning their musical careers in middle-school band classes, Alex and Tut first pursued the clarinet, “Because it was the year Spongebob came out and we both wanted to play the clarinet like Squidward,” Alex says. Summer, being two years younger, first met Alex a few years later when the latter was a T.A. for Summer’s band class. “I remember saying something out loud about how I had just gotten an electric guitar and it was my first one,” says Sigtritz. “Alex overheard me … she brought me an Avril Lavigne …” Alex interrupts her and says, “[An] Under My Skin guitar and chord tab book.” After this brief encounter, it wasn’t until later on in high school that the trio’s would firmly cement their relationships. 

Tut and Summer bonded heavily by attending raves together. “All the partying and the drugs and everything came from that. I had a great time,” says Sigritz. Alex specifies, “Here’s the thing though, I just want to add that during the time Tut and Summer were out being little rave-candy kids back in the day, I was reading and writing Harry Potter fanfiction. So I was not involved.” Shortly after, while preparing for their first show as a different act, Alex and Tut needed a drummer and had Summer come along. “It sound[ed] like shit. But that was essentially our first show together,” says Sigritz. Summer then had a series of moves, and the three naturally drifted apart as their lives changed. 

It was a few years later when the group would reconnect for the final time before forming their own group. Yet again the twins were in need of a drummer, and with Summer having recently come back to the SLC area, they asked her to join. “I don’t really remember much about that night,” says Sigritz. “But I do remember playing drums and somehow, we just clicked. We were just able to feed off of each other, and I think that’s all telling of how we construct our songs now, which is essentially that same way of jamming and looking into each other’s eyes. Just being really gay towards each other.” 

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