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Episode #360 – La La Diabla

La La Diabla is the product of years of collaboration between members Ali (bass), Adam (drums) and James (guitar). After working in pairs since their teenage years, the trio has been able to foster a musical communion that is as symbiotic as it gets. “When we’re practicing together, we don’t talk that much,” says Ali. “I’m along for the ride. You play a riff, I’ll figure it out. I’m not going to ask questions. I’ll make it simple and I’ll make you look good.” 

The band draws inspiration from garage and surf rock and delivers their sound through a punk aesthetic that is as noisy as it is groovy. “We’re an instrumental-only band, and we’d like to keep it that way,” says Ali. The band found itself without vocals rather naturally, and has developed their image and marketability around this. “[We’re] unique enough around the scene. It’s kind of refreshing for other bands to have us play in the middle of the set,” says Ali. But being more than just an enticing argument for having La La Diabla be your warm-up band, their lyricless music allows each member to focus completely on their instruments and deliver a message beyond words. 

Recently reconnecting after a break due to COVID-19, the band has has been given the chance to take fresh look at their tracks and completely rejuvenate their approach to the music. “[We get to] experiment with our sound,” says Ali. “We don’t have this stuff written down anywhere. We just go for it.” Playing together again reminds the band of the high that playing a live show offers, as well as the intimate connection between the group’s members and their audience.  “The world is going to open soon, and we want to get back out there,” says Ali. “We’d just like to pick up where we left off.” Preparing for a set at 2021’s Craft Lake City DIY Festival, the band hopes that this will be the first in a long run of performances. And speaking of upcoming shows, Ali says, “If you play saxophone, trumpet or some weird instrument and you’re trying to be a part of this—hit me up.” 

You can do so at La La Diabla’s Instagram and you can listen to more of their music on the band’s Soundcloud here