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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #394 – English Budgies

Husband and wife Joe and Jenna Vickrey make up the core of Provo–based band English Budgies, described by Joe as “somewhere between indie and alt rock with some elements borrowed from punk and electronic.” Originally from Oregon, the two met in their school’s jazz band: “Jenna and I have been playing music together since our freshman year of high school. We’ve been in a lot of bad bands together,” Joe says with a laugh. 

Reflecting on their development as a band, Joe explains that a lot of it tracks their own relational development, saying “anyone’s relationship is beautiful, it’s just [that] ours has a soundtrack.” Jenna adds, “our first five songs were about that first year of marriage.” This long-lasting partnership has well equipped them for their own goals in English Budgies. Through different stages of the band, Joe (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jenna (bass, vocals) have filled in the gaps as they’ve needed to. Now, along with members Matthew Minic (guitar) and Sam Tucker (drums), this group feels that they’re finally where they want to be and can focus on songwriting, recording and live shows.

With more opportunity to strengthen as a group, Jenna aims to improve as the group’s bassist. “I want to be able to use my side of the rhythm section and work with [the drummer] to create a really great dynamic in the band … so the two guitarists can just riff all day and we’re just there groovin’,” she says. The group continues to explore new sound and builds new elements into their songwriting, challenging themselves to give anything a shot, even if they doubt it’ll succeed.

On this episode of Soundwaves, listen to their new single, “Dark Days,” which will be officially released on July 29. English Budgies will be performing with Sunfish and Whisperhawk at the July SLUG Picnic on July 30, so grab your ticket for just $5! Follow them on Instagram @englishbudgies to keep up with their upcoming shows and songs.