SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #395 – Cotes

Cody Whiteleather, better known as Cotes, is an independent melodic rap artist hailing from Ogden, Utah. He has gained quite a following online and around our home state for his relatable, honest and skilled compositions. He creates rhythms and hooks that feel effortless and serve as an emotional release for anyone that consumes his music. In this episode of Soundwaves, Whiteleather details his writing process, his journey with music, navigating the menial stresses of life and how being a father and partner requires putting self-actualization into practice.

The down-to-earth and raw nature of Cotes’ lyricism is an outlet for those who are experiencing tumultuous moments in relationships, personal hardship and forms of insecurity or anxiety. “I like to take my struggles and use them as my strengths, and that’s what I’d say my music is like,” he says. This has proven to be the case for many, with Whiteleather’s song “Daffodils And Daisies” amassing over 2.2 million streams on various platforms. Whiteleather relays that there is a sense of solidarity in the periodic messages he gets from his fans over social media. “The way it’s helping me is also helping other people,” he says.

Cotes’ music ranges from upbeat, positive pop-y vocals and seasoned rhythmic flows to multi-layered instrumental elements with an emotional waver in his voice. He keeps a sense of humility to his songs, lamenting on being vulnerable and even dips into the ever-present Gen-Z existentialism with his song, “How Long Can It Last?,” which depicts the sensation of knowing happiness is fleeting and urges his listeners to drink up moments of joy.

Check out Cotes on Instagram at @cotes801 to keep up with his new releases, performances and Instagram Live streaming concerts. Be sure to head to the SLUG Picnic to watch Cotes perform on August 27 alongside Saysha, Mamma’s Boy and Ceyz. Tickets are available here.