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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #397 – Who Killed Candace

SLC’s up-and-coming Who Killed Candace—consisting of Hanna (vocals), Mal (guitar) and Levi (bass) and KJ (drums)—is a force to be reckoned with. Initially started by siblings Hanna and Mal, Who Killed Candace was looking to expand their two-piece project as they’ve become more established and confident in their music. Thereafter, Levi and KJ joined the team. Since, the band has been tuning into a folkier twist on a sound reminiscent of The Cranberries, also leaning into a heavier side with songs such as “Archie” (unreleased). 

The band is officially moving onto a new chapter with a new member, a new release (“Skinny”) and an alternation of sound. “I think, for me, I got to a point where I felt a little restricted, just because I was kind of writing the same stuff. I definitely want to get into heavier playing than what we were previously writing,” says Mal. 

Recently, Hanna wrote a song called “Abortion Party” (unreleased) after Roe V. Wade was overturned about their personal recollection of the events. “I just sat down and wrote all my thoughts and feelings on the situation,” says Hanna. “I can trust them with that information with my heart.” They explain that a good handful of their songs began in a strange place of Hanna’s life—post-graduation, during the lockdown. 

Levi is the eldest member of Who Killed Candace. For him, college was total “whiplash,” especially due to the uncertain times of lockdown. “In the past two years, [I’ve had] this radical acceptance of experiencing life and allowing it to happen, and not trying to hold onto these ideas that you want to happen, then that plays in the music, as well,” says Levi in regards to his growth and journey with both life and music. 

Who Killed Candace has a lot of recording dates coming up, so keep your eye out on their Instagram @whokilledcandace for any upcoming releases, and listen to “Skinny” on all streaming platforms now! All other tracks heard in this episode are unreleased demos recorded specifically for this podcast. You can see Who Killed Candace at SLUG Picnic on Saturday, September 24 with Blair Street and June Rose, and keep an eye out on their Instagram stories and feed for announcements of upcoming shows.