SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #82 – Slamdance Recap, Pat Maine, Yelp, Johnny Utah, Sundance Recap

On this week’s episode we take a last look at the film festival season, first with a review of Slamdance from SLUG writers John Ford and Jory Carroll; Then we’ll recap Sundance with SLUG writer Cody Kirkland, SLUG’s Managing Editor Esther Meroño and SLUG’s film critic Jimmy Martin. We also get a visit from Yelp’s Jeffrey Steadman who will talk with us about the best Indian food in the valley. Plus, brand new music from hip hop artists Pat Maine and Johnny Utah. Are you currently looking for a band but aren’t finding the right people? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get the word out on an upcoming episode. Call our automated voicemail line at 858-233-9324 and tell us your thoughts. You may get played on the show!

Host: Dan Nailen
Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
Lead Producer: Gavin Sheehan
Associate Producers: Ricky Vigil, Esther Meroño, Alexander Ortega, Dan Nailen
Theme Song by Birthquake
Theme Producer: Jesse Ellis
Art Design & Logo: Thy Doan
Technical Designer: Kate Colgan

Interviewers: Dan Nailen
Music This Episode: The Summer Storm, Pat Maine, Mammoth, Johnny Utah