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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #97 – Best Friends Animal Society, The Moths, Black Pus, Ether, Humane Society Of Utah

On this week’s episode, our host Dan Nailen sits down with Temma Martin from Best Friends Animal Society in our podcast studio to talk about their organization and Super Pet Adoption; SLUG writer Alex Cragun chats on the phone with Brian Chippendale about his solo project, Black Pus; and SLUG Senior Writer, Gavin Hoffman chats with Carl Arky from the Humane Society of Utah about their organization and their work to find homes for homeless pets. Plus, brand new music from The Moths and Ether! Jeffrey Steadman from Yelp will be back in a few episodes to talk about the best new places that have popped up in SLC over the past few months, and we’d like to hear what new places you’ve been digging! Call our automated voicemail line at 858-233-9324 and tell us your thoughts. You may get played on the show!

Host: Dan Nailen
Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
Lead Producer: Gavin Sheehan
Associate Producers: Ricky Vigil, Esther Meroño, Alexander Ortega, Dan Nailen
Theme Song by Birthquake
Theme Producer: Jesse Ellis
Art Design & Logo: Thy Doan
Technical Designer: Kate Colgan

Interviewers: Dan Nailen, Alex Cragun, Gavin Hoffman
Music This Episode: Linus Stubbs, The Moths, Black Pus, Ether, Linus Stubbs