A line of eager people forms to enter the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Photo: @william.h.cannon
The 8th Annual Utah Beer Festival will take place this year at the Utah State Fairpark on Saturday, Aug. 19. Photo courtesy of City Weekly.
Courtesy of JenkStars
Sporting a sweet trio from Princess Mononoke, Rachel, Michaela and Sam pose for a photo. Photo: Lmsorenson.net
Courtesy of Tom Wallisch
The VIP Patio at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival offers a photogenic perspective of the KRCL stage and the delicious dinner options along Gallivan Avenue. Photo: John Barkiple
Sundance 2016
Maciej Binkowski, Techland Lead Game Designer
Crowds bursting from the PSX keynote panel to go hit the floor and play some games! [Matt Brunk / unlifephotography.com]