New Band: Issue 53, May 1993

Birdman: We drink, We Skate, We Masturbate!


Birdman: Issue 53

We have always been very proud of the Salt Lake music scene. Admit it, people, this town is actually bleeding from the gums with talent. Recently, a new band has caught more than our usual amount of attention.

Crawling out of hibernation this spring, friends recommended we check out Birdman at the Bar & Grill. The buzz around was that these boys were playing only their second live show. Now, some of my friends are pretty hard-ass on local bands (well, all bands, to be frank), and the most evil cynic of all just kept saying, “You guys will totally like these guys. They just got together. They’re great!” I thought, “How sad for these poor bastards.” Evil cynic guy is already teasing, and they haven’t even started yet. But alas, no joke—Birdman are proud enough of their punk roots to actually play at a speed discernible to us mild-mannered old-timers. Don’t misunderstand us. These boys do crank out killer sounds—some of the best we’ve heard recently. Cody, the fearless leader, has a very unique onstage presence—understated yet powerful and effective, like a big, blunt instrument.

We were blown away. It was hard to believe this was only their second performance. We had to check them out again when they played Spanky’s on April 20. This was Birdman’s fifth show. Yup, they were for real, and had even improved—I’m telling you, if you like your music more on the punk side with kinda Mark Arm–esque vocals, you have to get out to See Birdman. You might even ask one of the guys if they have a demo tape handy. Among the five songs is “Chicken Wire.” Definitely a hit, and Seeing this song done live is a hoot! Let us just say congratulations to Cody for finishing the book this last time. (It’s an inside joke for those who’ve seen Birdman).

To summarize, my friends did not lie. Cody and the boys (Pat on guitar, Brian on bass and Steve on drums) may be newly formed, but they will soon be Salt Lake favorites, definitely catching the attention and favor of all who are fortunate enough to witness one of their live appearances. Don’t miss Birdman at Bar & Grill in May 6!

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