Local Labels: R.U. Dead


For my money, one of the best things happening on the local scene is the proliferation of Salt Lake area record labels and local releases. In the next few months I hope to be able to give a rundown on what they’re up to and write a continuing column featuring the products that are coming out of our fabulous little town. So if you have a label or are in a band with a local release please send the following info to me: 

1: Name, mailing address, business phone

2: Length of time in the glamorous indie record biz and general history of your label/band

3: A list of all previous, current and planned releases and where they are available 

This month, I’d like to burn a few paragraphs on what is probably the most dedicated and worthwhile local punk rock label run by some dedicated and worthwhile folks. Naturally, that label would be RU Dead Music. Duaine and his cohorts have been inflicting their brand of positive anarchy in our community for a number of years, encompassing many different areas and mediums. While they are best known for producing Hate X9 and NSC, RU Dead published Activating Dissent a DIY anarchist journal which can be found at many coffee shops, bars and Indie record stores. Rather than attempt to describe it, I urge you to pick up a copy and read it yourself. RU Dead is also responsible for Food Not Bombs, an organization which provides free meals in Pioneer Park every Friday.

While I have my own opinions as to the validity of these projects, I can guarantee that RU Dead puts its money where its mouth is and all of their actions are guided by complete integrity. Their benefits actually benefit the people they are supposed to and their music actually expresses and articulates the case for the causes they support. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be Fugazi to maintain some dignity and not rip people off.

The latest project for RU Dead is their involvement in the Autonomy House Collective which, quite coincidentally, SLUG is having a benefit for this month. On the record front, in addition to the Big Mountain 12” compilation, RU Dead has also released an NSC 7” and Hate X9 single. Their next two projects will be another NSC 7” and a release from Wovoka.

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