SLUG Mag’s 35th Anniversary Party: A Show to Remember in Photos

Anniversary Party

To celebrate three and a half decades of uplifting Salt Lake City’s underrepresented music scenes, 35 diverse, talented local musical acts gathered to perform at the sold-out SLUG Mag 35th Anniversary Party on February 10, 2024. The one-of-a-kind celebration had each artist performing just one song only between the stages of neighboring bars Urban Lounge and Blue Gene’s. Attendees could enjoy signature event-exclusive cocktails, including the “Soundwaves Sip” and “SLUG’s Techno Tronic,” at both venues while going back and forth to catch glimpses of the very best of SLC’s underground musicians. 

The rapid-fire show included a bit of something for everyone, from the hip-hop heads to the old-school punks. Solo DJ sets were offset by charming country performances and a whole lot of headbanging. Some performers were just getting started in their musical endeavors, while others had previously been a part of legendary lineups such as Kilby Block Party

The Rock Princess herself, Sofia Scott of Shecock with a Vengeance, and longtime SLUG columnist Mike Brown served as MCs, adding extra personality, humor and crowd engagement to the already high-energy event. Exquisite drag performers, including Bold & Beautiful subjects Robin D’Banc and Ms. Jaliah J, served looks that heated up the cold smoking patio behind Urban Lounge; SLUG staff got the chance to mingle freely with valued contributors used to only communicating with them via email. 

The event had a futuristic theme, looking hopefully toward the further growth of SLC’s creative communities. SLUG’s unique take on party-hosting culminated in a one-of-a-kind display of all that makes Salt Lake’s underground thrive and grow. The 35th Anniversary Party proved that there’s a space for everyone in the SLC music scene and that SLUG Mag maintains its commitment to covering and supporting it. Read Contributing Writer Andrew Christiansen’s full coverage of the event here and keep scrolling to see all the shots of the party!

SLUG Magazine would like to thank our sponsors for this event:

Blue Gene’s
Photos: Bonneville Jones and Alanna Lowry // @bonneville.jones, @alannalowryy

Urban Lounge
Photos: Jess Gruneisen // @jessgruneisenphotography

Photos: Jovvany Villalobos // @thevillagewolf

Photos: Ashley Christenson // @ashleychristensonphotography