Straight Freak Ticket Interview w/ Love Battery


Love Battery has been one of my favorite bands for quite a while. They just barely released their new album, Straight Freak Ticket and guess what? Once again, Love Battery is coming to Salt Lake City!

Yeah, and I am way stoked! I spoke with Ron Nine, lead singer/guitarist recently about the upcoming tour and new recording. When I interviewed him, the album was not yet officially released, and it wouldn’t be for another week.

Love Battery has been one of my favorite bands for quite a while. Issue 75, March 1995

SLUG: Your new album is due out one week from today.

RN: Yeah, but it’s been done for so long. It’s like we keep waiting and waiting.

SLUG: When was it actually recorded?

RN: We scheduled to play I think on March 9th at the Bar and Grill again. (Note: At the time of this interview, this has not been confirmed, so just in case, double check the date.

SLUG: Will you be headlining your own show this time?

RN: Yeah, Alcohol Funnycar will be opening for us. They are a great band from the C/Z [Record] label.

SLUG: Good, that sounds like a fun time.

RN: Yeah, I think it will be.

SLUG: I’ve had a chance to listen to the new stuff and I think it sounds great. The production is much better than the previous material. For the band, how was this time different than ‘Far Gone” or ‘Day Glo’?

RN: Well, we put a lot of time and effort into it. We weren’t rushed in the studio. Everything was a lot more relaxed, we had a lot more time.

SLUG: You guys have had a pretty ‘lax time for the last six months, do you look forward to touring?


By way of information, Ron used to be in a Seattle band called Room Nine. The bassist, Bruce Fairweather, was in Mother Love Bone and the drummer, Jason Finn, was in Skin Yard. Kevin Whitworth is on lead guitar, and he rips. You’ve got to check these guys out live. And oh yes, Jason Finn has quit the band and Greg Gilmore from Mother Love Bone will be filling in on drums…just thought you might like to know who the starting line-up will be. See you at the show!

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