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Localized: Sean Mena


Scott Lippitt will be headlining April’s Localized showcase, debuting tracks from his newest album alongside co-collaborators and local indie favorites Sean Mena and Bly Wallentine. It will be a pop-rock-experimental-indie-psychedelia extravaganza at Kilby Court on April 14; a variety show hosted and performed by everybody cool in Utah for just $5. This event is sponsored by Riso Geist. Doors open at 7 p.m. and music starts at 8. Buy tickets online here!

Hot off of what frontman Sean Mena calls a “baby tour,” the five-piece, indie-rock set Kipper Snack just released their newest single “DD” as part of an upcoming five-track EP in March. Mena is particularly excited about “DD,” a jaunty, Bleachers-esque anthem, as it’s Kipper Snack’s first live, full-band recording. Mena is a vocalist, guitarist and producer for Kipper Snack, and has recently branched out into collaborative work with other local artists, namely Scott Lippitt on his fourth album. Currently in the works is Mena’s solo project, an album of lo-fi beats, under the artist name Sledgehammer. Suffice to say, Mena is a man of many musical hats. As Mena says, this is because he is devoted to music-making, and performing has been an integral part of his life.

Mena is a polished performer in Utah’s music scene. Photo: Jess Gruniesen

“I’ve been playing live since I was about sixteen,” Mena says, explaining that after the band’s fall 2023 Southwest tour, he’s taken a break from performing. “It feels like it’s been a really long time. I’m used to playing consistently, at least once a month,” he says. Performing as part of April’s Localized show, Mena is really looking forward to getting back on stage and playing for his hometown audience. 

In collaboration with Lippitt on the track “I Wrote a List” for the album Me, You and the Avenues, Mena says he was inspired by the layered guitar work of Alex G. For him, playing the role of musician first, rather than lyricist, was a new and inspiring experience. The album will be released April 12 and will be showcased at April’s Localized. Mena, also known as @shheeeen on Instagram, remains undecided on which hat he’ll wear to the show—solo or as part of Kipper Snack. You’ll have to come to find out! Follow the whole band on Instagram at @kippersnack_.

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