Being inspired by the DIY scene, Tayler Lacey takes full control of all aspects of his artistic process.
(L–R) Russ Wood, Val Brown and Ash Bassett in Breakfast in Silence have had their music dubbed as “soul punk” which they think is essentially “emo music.”
(L–R) Todd Garcia, Taran Leu, Matt Bennett, Kyle Ruff and Jason Fairclough come together to create what they call “aggressive sludge.”
(L–R) Ben Dodds, Whil McCutchan and Josh West stay Together Forever to play and create music that they would want to listen to.
(L–R) Nick Harris, Alexander Ortega and Camilo Torres incorporate idiomatic elements into their music, such as throat-singing.
Top (L–R) Paul Whisman, Dyana Durfee, Bottom (L–R) Geoffrey Leonard, Karley Parker.
"Durian Durian’s trajectory has been only upward. As the dance element has strengthened in cohesion, so has the music become more succinct and focused."
(L–R) David Payne, Halle Jean and Nora Price of Jazz Jags.
L–R) Blair Draper, Derek Clark, Justin Richardson, Elowyn LaPointe and Jared Asplund wax and wane their music styles through Martian Cult to provide a unique sound. Photo:
(L–R) Greyden Benz, Hugo Molina, Andy Steele and Braden Tipton change up their set every time they play, making each performance unique. Photo: