(L–R) Low End Lucy, The Rock Princess and Mat Benatar, styled by Kelsee Tia and Christie Sorenson with Black Trident Design. Shot at Lake Effect. Photo: LmSorenson.net
(L–R) Robin Brown, Mike Walton, Bill Frost and Angela Mize serve up heavy, hyperaggressive rock n’ roll as Magda-Vega. Pictured here at Coachmans Dinner & Pancake House. Photo: John Barkiple
Photo: Logan Sorenson
Photo: Logan Sorenson
(L–R) Alex Caldwell, Levi Lebo, Phil White, Skyler Goddard and Dreu Hudson. | Photo by Jessica Bundy.
(L–R) Melissa Collins, Rob Alvord, Tim Neu, Kate Anderson, Secily Anderson, Tara Shupe, Tim Mills. | Photos by Johnny Cowan / johnnybetts.com
(L–R) Kiki Sieger, M. Horten Smith, Daniel Young, Dylan Schorer and Marie Bradshaw. | Photo by Johnny Cowan / johnnybetts.com
Sarah Anne DeGraw’s assertive, soulful blues will mesmerize audiences for the November Localized showcase.